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My name is Karlee Scott and I am currently a grade six classroom teacher! Even though I never thought middle years would be for me, grade six is a great balance of fun, jokes, serious conversations with irony and sarcasm sprinkled on top!

I have worked teaching a variety of subjects from grades two – eight since I started teaching in 2019. I thought I loved working with young kids, but I haven’t had much experience with students under grade three. Now that I have such a broad understanding of technology and how to incorporate it into every life in the classroom, I feel as though I can really work to help middle years student build a strong rapport and understanding of technology.

I have my Inclusive Education certificate in addition to my degree and I have now began my Masters’ Degree in teaching, learning and leadership. My goal is to still be a classroom teacher with as much knowledge and experience under my belt!

My mom and I at a paint nite event!

Unlike most educators, I was not set on being a teacher as a child. I had to come around to the idea. Grade 11 came around and it was getting down to crunch time to decide what I wanted to do. My mom was a teacher and growing up kids would tease me about “being smart” because my mom was a teacher. After some reflection early on in grade 11, I thought back to all of the great summer memories I had with my mom and my sister. I thought about how my mom did not miss a basketball game, a dance recital, or a track event I probably got a 10th place ribbon for, because my mom could always be there. I really hope one day I get to enjoy all of those things (and hopefully be able to help my kids with their homework) just like my mom did for me. Heavens, she still does it for me on the daily. My sister and I are both teachers now and I think it has a lot to do with all the benefits we had having a mom as a teacher!

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